Among twenty snowy mountains,
The only moving thing
Was the eye of the black bird.

So yeah, this news is about 7hrs old, but I created a portfolio for my photog stuff. Will shoot for coffee. And money. 

New Camera

My new Olympus OM-D E-M1 came in today! 

I’m excited to start shooting with it. It’s such a huge difference compared to my Sony NEX-3. Sometimes I’m surprised at the things that camera was able to shoot. It’s really, really solid for beginners.

Can’t wait to see what the E-M1 has to offer.

A lot of green and blue hues in my life lately!


dream log

i dreamed we were in a world where children were suddenly separated from their parents. this included my sister and me. we lost our parents. people were being killed left and right for no reason.

we found ourselves with an underground group who could track down missing people. they let us monitor the screens. there were satellite trackings of people all over the world. we found 2 dots with our parents’ names on it. we zoomed in. the names were with 2 other dots in a moving car.

they were safe! we sighed with relief. the car slowed down. the 4 dots moved out of the car. it looked like our parents’ names were being carried by the other 2 dots. 

oh no, they must be hurt! it turns out we’re also able to zoom in to see that actual faces. so we zoomed. the dot attached to my mom’s name was in an urn about 3 feet tall… that’s how i knew she was dead. she was inside there. cremated maybe, i don’t know. we switched to our dad’s name. same thing. the people were lugging their urns…

i screamed. as i screamed, i suddenly saw dead people lying all around me. they were lying face up, but they screamed with me. they screamed until their bodies convulsed and their hands were ripping and clawing at the ground. black ooze gushed out from under the soil.

ughhhh. so glad i woke up.



I needed to see this today.

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have you ever had a dream that made you realize what you felt in reality?

i had a dream about my old home, but someone else was living there (which is true now). i looked at the walls that touched the ceilings and saw that it was all white. when i lived there, my mom had stuck a cheap, pink, paper decal along the edges, like a border. 

that stupid decal made me really sad in my dream. i woke up and realized why i felt sad. the decal was really cheap, and it was my mom’s attempt at making our house more homey. we didn’t have much growing up. i woke up thinking that the “decoration” made it look even worse… i never, ever thought this in real life, but this dream made me “realize” it was tacky in retrospect. and i felt bad because in my mom’s mind, she was doing something for the house.

and then i felt even worse for thinking that the decal made our house look bad. i imagined my mom being very happy to see it up. why did i feel ashamed of it? it probably wasn’t even bad. my dream just made me think it was. 

i feel ashamed of being ashamed, and it’s just a huge cycle.

mehhh… i texted my mom how much i loved her when i woke up. it doesn’t make up for bad thoughts, but i don’t know what else to do. i don’t know if my dream caused this or if it just awoke some realization, but i hate this feeling

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